Get Tomatoes in Your Hair at La Tomatina

Once a year, one particular street in the sleepy town of Buñol, Spain becomes a red, ankle-deep tomato juice river, flowing with flip-flops, t-shirts, beer cans, and the occasional Afro wig.
Bunol, which is a one-hour train ride from Valencia, has been hosting La Tomatina since 1945. There are various theories about how it began. Some say a couple of friends got into an argument at a local restaurant, which eventually turned into a food fight. Others believe it began as an anti-Franco protest. And still, another explanation is that the tomato war began between two opposing groups of youths: Think the Socs and the Greasers from the book “The Outsiders.”
Regardless, what began as the flinging of a few tomatoes in a quiet and unassuming town, has grown into an annual festival on the last Wednesday of every August, to which nearly 20,000 white-shirt-wearing warriors flock.