Meet Me at Bugaboos

Ask Frank Berkers, owner of Bugaboos Bakery and Cafe, to make whipped cream during a thunderstorm and he’ll chuckle— it simply won’t whip! No need for electromagnetic charges; this local entrepreneur bakes up his own storm. Frank has even mastered the art and science of making cream puffs at elevation (Silver Star Village is 1,600 m /5,200 ft. above sea level), thanks to advice from an old pastry chef in the Pyrenees Mountains.

This cheerful ski-in/ski-out coffee shop perched on the corner of Silver Star Village, has been the go-to meeting spot for mountain lovers since 1996. The walls of the European-inspired cafe are adorned with quirky memorabilia and the bright space echoes with laughter. There is even an unofficial stammtisch, an Austrian and Swiss term for “regulars’ table.” Most mornings at Silver Star, you’ll find a motley group of jovial locals huddled around their favourite table, swapping stories about weather, outdoor adventure, and town goings on.

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Publication: Destination Silver Star Blog (

Photo: Amber Turnau, Substrate Studios

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