The Art of Charcuterie in Whistler

Charcuterie boards, with their artful array of cured meats, artisan cheeses and assorted accoutrements, are a contemporary twist on a centuries-old indulgence. Always a tastemaker, Whistler has wholeheartedly embraced this European-inspired sharing plate and there are plenty of eateries that take great pride in their charcuterie offerings. 

Though meat and cheese arrangements are popular in many cultures, the word charcuterie originated in France in the 1400s to describe the process of preserving meat (mostly pork) through salting and smoking – the loose translation being cooked flesh. The butchers (known as charcutiers) carefully arranged their meats in beautiful displays when they were ready for sale. Over the centuries, the concept stuck and charcuterie boards grew to include breads, preserves, fruit, cheeses and more. Today, charcuterie boards, dubbed adult Lunchables after the beloved childhood snack, make for a fun, interactive and Instagrammable dining experience. 

Cornucopia, Whistler’s signature food and drink festival, takes place in November and there’s no better time to celebrate all things meat and cheese. Here are some handpicked charcuterie stops you can enjoy with your bubble while visiting Whistler.  

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Photo: Amber Turnau, Substrate Studios

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