Video Script: ‘A Tribute to the Sunshine Coast’

I had the honour of writing the script for this incredible video, filmed and produced by the very talented Dolf Vermeulen. A special thank you to Rachel Dempster for sponsoring the project, and to stenukws (Rita Poulsen), from the shíshálh Nation, for her inspiring narration and sharing her knowledge. Visit to learn more about this very talented Sunshine Coast local.

Find the full video script below:

ʔIMASH ʔIMASH TE SHÍSHÁLH ʔE SKWXWÚ7MESH SWIYA (Welcome to the Sunshine Coast)

A powerful and captivating paradise.

Where nature reigns

and soul searchers find solace.

This is the traditional territory of the shíshálh and sḵwxwú7mesh peoples,

Who have walked upon and paddled beside these shores since time immemorial.

Here, nature weaves her rich tapestry of colour and texture.

Jutting mountain peaks give way to ocean inlets; 

And, rushing rivers wind their way from sky to sea.

Beneath the dewy canopy of cedars and ferns

Lies a world teeming with life and energy. 

This is a spiritual place to heal the soul and body;

To connect with the land and feel her magnetic pull.

From light-dappled forests and radiant sunsets 

To cloud-cloaked mountains and moody skies

We see the colours of the coast transform with each season.

The shifting waters of the Salish Sea ebb and flow; 

From full moon to full moon.

And through it all, the symphony of life continues.

What mysteries lie in this great mosaic?

What can we learn from mindful travel upon the land?

Here, we hold space for ancient spirits 

A sacred home to the medicine men who healed 

And guardian stones that protected— and still protect.

These are the gifts of time and traditions. 

This has always been a place for wanderers.

Some come in search of adventure

Others seek to discover their inner truths.

A visit to the coast quickly becomes an enchanting love affair.

And, one who was once a stranger becomes a familiar friend.

With every dreamy meander through these forests,

Every paddle blade gliding through the ocean,

And every foot placed upon the shore, 

Comes a greater understanding— a universal truth:

That we are all connected through the land.

Forever bound to the Sunshine Coast.

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