11 BC Coastal Towns to Visit This Fall

They say salt water is the perfect salve for most things, whether it comes from tears, sweat, or the sea. Opt for the latter—we’ve had plenty of the former this year—and let the cool Pacific Ocean wash your worries away when you visit one of BC’s coastal cities or seaside towns this fall.

You’ll find wide open spaces and friendly (but fewer) faces in BC’s West Coast towns. Looking for a physically distanced hideaway? Check. Craving a rugged outdoor adventure on the remote coast? Check. Seeking a bustling getaway full of culture, food, and fun? Check.

What’s more, restaurants, accommodation providers, and tour operators have worked hard to ensure Covid-19 protocols are in place for guest safety and comfort. While your visit to the West Coast may look a little different this autumn, there are still plenty of ways to safely explore BC’s eclectic oceanside communities. Here are a few ideas.

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PUBLICATION: Destination BC Blog (hellobc.com)

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