Get Hooked on Fall Adventure: Explore BC’s Little Fort Highway

Stretching between Little Fort (at Highway 5) and 93 Mile House (at Highway 97), this 97-kilometre drive goes by a number of different names—“the Little Fort Highway”, “the Interlakes Highway”, and most often, “the Fishing Highway.” Regardless of what you call it, the BC-24 will capture your adventurous spirit, hook, line, and sinker (even if you’re not an avid angler).

With approximately 100 refreshing lakes dotting the landscape this diverse area in BC’s Land of Hidden Waters boasts a variety of water-based adventures, as well a other activities including horseback riding, mountain biking, hiking, and bird watching. Whether you’re dropping a hook or venturing overland into the wilderness, this is one area in BC you’ll want to explore this fall.

The adventure begins before you even arrive at Little Fort: Begin your adventure in the outdoorsy and eclectic city of Kamloops (just one hour from Little Fort), then let the good times roll.

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Photo: Johannes Plenio

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