Finding Fall Colours On Whistler’s Trails


A dancing snow line and radiant fall foliage makes this one of the most colourful times of year to explore Whistler. Perched in the Coast Mountain Range, Whistler is abundant with evergreens, which keep their colour year-round. However, deciduous trees and low-lying foliage streak across the landscape, creating gradient ribbons of crimson, amber, and bronze. Meanwhile, the higher levels of precipitation in the autumn months are perfect conditions for all sorts of colourful fungi to thrive.

Though more rare at this time of year, sunny fall days are a sight to behold. Komorebi is a Japanese word which, loosely translated, means “sunlight filtering through the trees.” Experiencing Whistler’s very own light-dappled forests as the sun back-lights the evergreen trees, lichen, moss and vibrant autumnal foliage, is a dazzling display of texture, colour and a little bit of magic.

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