Diving With Manta Rays: “So long and thanks for all the plankton.”

I’m 50 feet underwater with a torch shining upwards toward the pitch black Hawaiian night sky. All around me, dozens of fellow scuba divers are blowing hundreds of bubbles. Meanwhile, others are descending into the dark like paratroopers – their torches shining into the abyss as they float weightlessly down, down, down. The combination of…

Cold Water Diving in British Columbia

A patch of white Plumose Anemone reminds me of cauliflowers as I glide through the frigid Pacific shores of Whytecliff Park in West Vancouver, BC. Next, we pass a Sunflower Star, the fastest moving starfish in the world. A few lingcod are chilling out on a rock, while a strange looking white lined Dirona sea slug sways in the current. This 3D ocean world full of alien marine creatures unfolds all around me as I take on my first cold water dive ever.