Canadian semi-ironic clothing line Thuggie embodies “Snug Life”

We all know (and secretly love) the Snuggie. You know, that weird fleece blanket/robe that they advertise on late night television where the actors look like cult members? While it’s easy to hate on the Snuggie, I think it’s safe to say that deep down inside, we all think it’s a great idea. Who doesn’t…

The Northern Line is Busted … Again: The Memoir of One Canadian in London

Londoners are the only people in the world who could politely trample you during the mad morning commute.

During rush hour, The Tube is a sea of anonymous faces buried in newspapers and half-read novels. The passengers are in their own zombie, “must get to work” zones.

But, every once in awhile citizens will crack a smile, or even laugh, over an unexpected incident.