Cold Water Diving in British Columbia

A patch of white Plumose Anemone reminds me of cauliflowers as I glide through the frigid Pacific shores of Whytecliff Park in West Vancouver, BC. Next, we pass a Sunflower Star, the fastest moving starfish in the world. A few lingcod are chilling out on a rock, while a strange looking white lined Dirona sea slug sways in the current. This 3D ocean world full of alien marine creatures unfolds all around me as I take on my first cold water dive ever.

Surfing in Tofino

You wade into the chilly Pacific waters, your not-as-thick-as-you-thought wet suit filling up slowly – and painfully. Facing the rolling surf, a look of uncertainty on your face, you push your three-metre surfboard – which is ever so conveniently attached to your foot- out into the breaking waves. Every two steps forward through the angry…