Release Your Inner Locavore


Our Sea to Sky region is a locavore’s paradise, with each season yielding rich and flavourful ingredients to savour. A rainbow of fresh fruits and veggies, foraged wild mushrooms and flavourful greens are just some of the delights found within a 30-minute radius of Whistler.

Local author, Jane Reid, recently penned Freshly Picked, a locavore’s guide to the bounty of British Columbia. The book takes readers on a journey through BC’s heartland, showcasing what’s in season, while sharing intriguing facts and delicious recipes along the way.

“We hit the jackpot here in Whistler because we have the Pemberton Valley 30 minutes away,” says the author. “Pemberton is incredibly fertile because of the mix of the soil, its climate and the fact that it’s flat.”

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Photo: Ella Olsson

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