A Whistler Girl’s Stagette

PInk sequins, mardi gras beads, masquerade mask to symbolize stagette party

People on vacation sometimes do silly things. But, perhaps the most entertaining vacationers of all are the ones who come to Whistler to celebrate their last night of singledom.

Call them what you want: Bachelorette and Bachelor, Buck ‘n’ Doe, Hen and Stag. These flocks of guys and gals parade through town in funny themed costumes; generally on some kind of scavenger hunt. Blow up dolls in hand, men wearing dresses, odd costumes; we’ve seen it all. They come in droves – and make for great people watching if you happen to be sitting on the patio of Cittas or Amsterdam on any given weekend. Just about every local – and cabbie – has a funny story to tell.

But just what do Whistlerites do when we are celebrating our last night of freedom? While slightly modified for local tastes – it appears we do pretty much the same thing.

It’s no secret that Whistler locals are somewhat bound to the unspoken code of not appearing to be a tourist. But, when you’re with a gaggle of 19 girls wearing little black dresses and Mardi Gras beads – you stand out.  And…you embrace it.

I recently attended a Whistler girl’s stagette. We started off with a hike to the Ancient Cedars near Cougar Mountain  – a scenic 2-hour loop with giant cedar trees and mountain vistas along the way. No Whistler experience is ever complete without dogs. We had two: Yamma and Mandy.

We topped the experience off at the lookout where we busted out champagne and homemade chocolate-covered strawberries.

Later that evening the ladies gathered for a potluck – with copious amounts of wine and plenty of fresh and delicious food. With a little fire in our bellies, it was time to head to the Fire Station. The firefighters on duty humoured our bride to be and her bridesmaids as they took a spin down the fire pole and posed by the fire truck. According to the gentlemen, they only get “a few” of these requests a week.

No night is ever complete without Maxx Fish, where we danced the night away with the three other bridal parties who were there too.  Our Whistler bride was even coaxed into participating in a Bridal Party Dance Off. The experience was complete with a “stagette clinger;” the sort of guy who hunts for flocks of ladies in the hopes that he can be the guy who gives the bride a lap dance or the shirt of his back.

What a fun – and adventurous – night we had, exploring our very own town. In our day to day lives, it’s easy to take for granted what a fun – and awesome – place we live in.  Why not take a step back and see our town through fresh eyes for a change? Even if we look like tourists from time to time.

Untapped Whistler Stagette Activities:


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