Day 1 Chevy SXSW Road Trip Challenge: The Muff Centre

It’s Day 1 of the Chevy SXSW Road Trip Challenge and we’re in Boise.. We’ve traveled a long way, check out the On Star GPS map.

Passing through the beautiful “ski hills” of Snoqualmie Pass, we made our way to the small town of Yakima where we encountered a Sonic Burger for the first time. Fun little burger joint with roller skating carhops.

Check out the full Flickr Gallery for photos.

Sonic just happens to be directly across from The Muff Center. The hilarity and irony of this name – given that there are 3 girls in the Eh Team pack – inspired us to call our Chevy Traverse by the very same name.

The good old fashioned road trip is almost a rite of passage for every North American. There’s something about breaking free of the confines of the rat race and just…well….driving. And driving we are doing: Today is an 800+ kilometer drive.

I’ve been on a few road trips before – both times with a group of close girlfriends. It’s been fun getting to know some new friends from scratch – and some old friends better.

On every road trip, there are a few common denominators:

Junk Food

Funny Inside Jokes

Music (good and mostly bad)

Random Moments

To keep the inspiration alive, here are my favourite Road Trip movies of all time.


Today’s Info Drop – which we’ve affectionately called “Chrissie Mail” as an ode to Tyra Mail on America’s Next Top Model – indicated that we need to be in Twin Falls, ID tomorrow by 11am, where our first challenge will be commencing. They’ve told us to download the Group Me app.

Stay tuned to the Eh Team Blog for further updates and follow along with the hashtag #ehteam.


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