Life on a Mobile

Remember the days when a pager was the “in” thing? I mean, those days when you heard that melodic beep and the numeric version of “I miss you” popped up (1-177-1-55- 11 …. if I remember correctly). The thought of using a mobile device for anything other than a token messaging service or a quick phone call was simply out of the question. My how things have changed.

Mobile phones are becoming an ever more important part of our lives and tech savvy gurus are predicting that in the near future, mobile web browsing will overtake surfing The Internet as we know it. Apps are the future – and therefore, so are mobile phones.

The day I (finally) got a smartphone was the day that changed my life. My Android is my life. It contains a host of handy apps, one-click access to my entire online social sphere, my photos, my music, my calendar, my contact list, and even my shopping lists.

With such convenience resting in our pockets and purses, do we lose track of all those little slices of life we capture on a daily basis? I recently cleaned out my mobile phone photo gallery, and couldn’t believe how many little nuggets of life I had captured with this little electronic buddy. Here are a few of my faves. What have you captured?


Burton Flagship Store in Los Angeles


My first herb garden


My buddy and colleague Lauren and I as Miss Whistler and Miss Blackcomb
Crankworx 2010


Packing up old Whistler Blackcomb uniforms for Romanian families in need.


Second hand saki set from Re-Use It Centre

Giant disco ball at the GLC
Above the world at the CN Tower in Toronto


Neil's Hallowe'en pumpkin
First snowfall of the season in Whistler
Atop the mountain, I feel free
My Endeavor snowboard arrives
Gingerbread Man decorating contest at Stilettos n Staches Party
My handmade skateboard deck clock
Neil's hand crafted personalized etched glass (me & my dad)
And it just kept snowing!
View from the Fairmont Waterfront, Vancouver
The burn in Crystal Zone, Blackcomb Mountain
Stunning and unexpected sunset
Great friends

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