An Ode To Santa

Dress Like Santa Day, Whistler Blackcomb
Santa and I at Westin Christmas Breakfast

There’s something magical about Santa; no matter what age we are. Whether we’re 5 or 50 years old, we still want to believe in something. That jolly, chubby old man with his rosy cheeks and snow white hair is a symbol of our childhoods and our innocence. And, no matter what we do when we grow up, I think we all secretly carry a part of Santa in our hearts.

Even in this hectic – and often impersonal – world of mass technology and 140 character conversations, we’ve still found a way to connect with Santa. We can email him, read his blog, message him on Facebook and even send him an @reply on Twitter. We can even send Santa a traditional snail mail letter and he’ll respond! Postal Code? HOH OHO

When there’s an opportunity to pay homage to Santa, we take the opportunity. Whether it’s heading up for a solo ski day to shoot a Santa POV video like Chris Wheeler did:

Or dressing up in full kit to celebrate the annual SantaCon

Or participating in the Guinness Book of World Records largest Santa gathering to date in sunny Las Vegas:

Yes, Jolly Old Saint Nick, Father Christmas, Santa Claus…he’s alive and well in all of us. So, go ahead: write Santa a letter, read his blog or message him on Twitter. Maybe even leave him a couple of cookies and a glass of milk before you go to sleep on Christmas Eve. Keep the spirit of Christmas alive and pass it on.

In this crazy world we live in; with life moving at the speed of light, it’s those childhood traditions and myths we can hold dear to our hearts. They help bring out our inner child and keep us forever young.

Here’s to you Santa and all of the people who hold you in their hearts. Merry Christmas to all and to all a good night!


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