5 beautiful Moments From 2010

As we approach the last month of the year, I’m reflecting back on the year that was. It’s hard to narrow them down, but here are my 5 beautiful Moments from 2010. What are yours?

1. Olympics & Paralympics
It might seem a little a little obvious, but February to March 2010 was a time unlike any other. The energy was higher than it’s ever been (the highs and the lows). From wielding random Swiss cowbells, to pin trading with strangers in the streets to burning the candle at both ends, it was a blur of national pride and events and humanity. I remember sitting in Merlin’s watching the men’s gold medal hockey game with 200 of my closest friends. And when Sid scored that final goal – pure joy hear ’round the nation!

2. Scuba diving With manta rays in Hawaii
Nothing describes the other-worldly experience of scuba diving with manta rays. Those alien bodies gliding gracefully in water, their gentle eyes looking into mine with wonder. It was simply one of the most memorable experiences of my life. With amazing adventures like these I could easily live a life aquatic:

Read more about that trip here.

3. Celebrating a bestie’s 30th birthday
We share the same name, and a whole lot of memories too. My dear friend Amber and I met in Australia nearly 10 years ago. We bonded over an adventure on the Great Ocean Road and when she moved out West, we became inseparable. I was proud to help her celebrate her 30th birthday this year on an evening cruise of Vancouver Harbour. Neil etched this glass for Amber’s birthday gift:

4. Witnessing true love
Neil and I travelled back to England this summer to attend the wedding of our two good friends: Alex and Cherie. I’m a sap at the best of times, but there’s something about this wedding that really touched me, though I’ve only known the two for a short time. The setting: The Lavender House, a quaint hotel just on the edge of Dartmoor National Park. A vintage 50s pin up bride with fire-engine red hair marries a Star Wars fanatic with a big heart and a soft spot for Green Day. Perfection.

5. Sending a friend off to India
My dear friend Liana. My snowboard buddy. My fellow yogi. She’s a free spirit. Has always followed her heart and will always follow her heart. This summer, we sent her off to India for 7 weeks to study at an ashram. She made it home safely, but her send off…well, it was a magical night. Just a few of us on a beach with a bonfire – a typical Vancouver summer eve. The kind of night that memories are made of:

Thanks to Proctogon and Tyler Mills for inspiring me to look back on the year that was!


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