Canadian semi-ironic clothing line Thuggie embodies “Snug Life”

We all know (and secretly love) the Snuggie. You know, that weird fleece blanket/robe that they advertise on late night television where the actors look like cult members? While it’s easy to hate on the Snuggie, I think it’s safe to say that deep down inside, we all think it’s a great idea. Who doesn’t want to curl up in a cozy blanket in front of the TV and zone out?

On that note, I introduce The Thuggie.

About 6 months ago, I came across The Thuggie on twitter. I’d tweeted about a tower of pink Snuggies in Wal Mart and The Thuggie replied back. Our beautiful and lively Twitversation lasted a month or so before I actually came face to face with The Thuggie – and its PR maven Kim Bowie – during the TELUS World Ski and Snowboard Festival.

So, what is a Thuggie? It’s essentially an oversized hoody that reaches down passed your knees. It is inspired by a breed of steezy park rats who can be found jibbing features in ski resort terrain parks nationwide – but most prolifically in Whistler, BC. These kids wear tall tees and baggy pants. They are cool.

Clothing architect Bryan Pudney came up with idea as a joke last year, but it has since turned into a Thug revolution, after he and his business partners discovered there was actually a market for this type of apparel. The Thuggie has since graced the boob tube on MTV and is even receiving fan letters/sponsorship requests from as far away as Norway. Check out their latest submission from Oslo-based Paal Saatvedt:

“I choose Thuggie clohing because its the coolest design,” he says.

In addition to The Thuggie, Why Not Apparel now has The Chuggie (a beer coozy); The Thugglet (for children) and The Custom Thuggie (anything you want).

“Unlike other semi-ironic leisure apparel, the Thuggie equips the wearer with a sense of security, satisfaction, extreme comfort and a gentle sense of smugness. You are guaranteed to feel smug in this Thug,” says the website.

Kim and I rendezvoused hungover during Kokanee Crankworx and I ended up with a Thuggie of my very own (blue and teal) which I’m now wearing as I type. My Thuggie is the most comfortable thing I own. It is leading me to the no pants revolution. As their company mantra states: “Life is short. Live it long.”

More Information:
Find them on Facebook
Follow them on Twitter @TheThuggie
VanCityBuzz Blog “Thuggie Life”


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