Shiny, Pretty, Cute and Weird

With all of the parties, festivals, snowboarding adventures and a little thing we call “the Olympics” now in the past, there was but one thing left to do this spring: move.

They say moving is one of the three most stressful things to do in life (aside from breaking up and getting a new job). I’m not surprised. It was hell in a cardboard box!

Unlike this snow that never ceases to quit and this winter that never ceases to give way to spring – our moving has come and gone and now we’re in a sweet pad. It’s bright and big. And, our fish Dave loves it too!

With our stresses behind us, it’s now time for Neil and I to set our sites on a big trip to reward ourselves for enduring the craziest winter ever. We’re going to Hawaii next week to soak up the sun, surf, dive, snorkel, booze cruise, and other assorted beachy activities.

But, what to do in the long 10-day countdown to our trip? Well, when I’m not puttering around the house and getting all domestic and shiat, I’m trying to clean up my computer hard drive.

Here are some of my favourite photos from the last year. They are shiny; they are pretty; they are cute; they are weird. Enjoy!

A table at Tapley’s Bar.

The ice bar at Monk’s Grill.

A spring afternoon in Vancouver.

A pin collector during the Olympics.

Having fun at Brandywine Falls with my Red Mittens.

Whistler Brewing Co. micro brewery.

A tour of Whistler Brewing Co.

Anniversary tulips.

Vancouver Art Gallery.

Forest Fire glow.

Rainbow Park.

Bachelorette bows.

Berry Picking in Pemberton at North Arm Farm.

On top of Black Tusk.


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