Survived the Festival..sort of

Wow! It’s hard to believe that today is Day 10 of the TELUS World Ski and Snowboard Festival. I’m slightly surprised that I made it to the end. My Olympic party training somehow didn’t prepare me for the festival – even though I already knew what to expect.

Since I left you last, there have been so many adventures and new friends. For one, I actually got up to ride in the spirit of the “ski and snowboard” part of the festival.

So, first, I checked out the Grenade Games Superpipe competition on Friday.

I went riding with my boyfriend Neil and we tested out our new Go Pro HD Hero helmet cam. He has designed a homemade filming device: a red broom handle with a wristband. Actually, to be fair it works really well and takes awesome POV footy. We’ll be making an edit of our adventures.

One of our stops was the new mini pipe on Blackcomb Mountain, which is my favourite addition to the park. It’s perfect for people like me, who are just starting out in the pipe world. For those who are more apt at pipe, there’s the Olympic-sized Superpipe a little further down the road.

Wandering through the village is always fun during WSSF. We came across the Whistler Dogfest and checked that out for a while. I dream of one day owning a dog named Mickey.

Yesterday evening it was on to Sushi Village, the iconic Whistler dining spot, for a dinner with a few media friends, such as blogger Van City Allie, Snowboard Canada, Frequency The Snowboarders’ Journal, ESPN and Tyler Ingram, to name a few.

We may or may not have polished off 2 Dumbos of saki and approximately 10 saki margarita pitchers. Our gracious waitor, who also happens to be the talented photographer Rich Glass, also delivered the ultimate sushi experience with a ton of yummy sushi rolls to choose from. Mmmm.

For the record, here is Gerhard Gross of Snowboard Canada and one of our Dumbos of saki so you can see just how much alcohol we consumed!

After that, I may or may not have participated in a Hot Tub Time Machine bachelorette party for my friend Kat. She’s getting married next month. We might have dressed up in ’80s retro gear and danced around the chalet in our bikinis drunk. I can neither confirm nor deny this, but I might have also worn a sweet retro ski jacket.

So many new friends and great times at this year’s festival. But, it’s not over yet for me. Tonight, I’m checking out the Chairlift Revue. It’s my first time so I’m intrigued.


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