“Ice Night” In Whistler During the Olympics

Ice seems to be the theme of the 2010 Winter Games so far. I’ve seen so many ice sculptures since the Games began, but a few nights ago, I had the ultimate “ice night” in Whistler.

We started off at NiX ice theatre, a play put together by The Only Animal production company. The temporary theatre, built at Whistler’s Lost Lake, is constructed out of ice and snow. The play, put on as part of the Vancouver 2010 Cultural Olympiad.

Here’s the making of video:

The play tells the tale of a post-apocalyptic Ice Age where three strangers – cold, both inside and out – meet and interact in bizarre ways. Throughout the play, the snowy backdrop is used in dynamic ways with multimedia projections.

The capacity of the theatre is approximately 120 people and it I will warn you, it IS pretty cold in there. You do get a fuzzy seat warmer and small blanket, but I recommend wearing your ski gear and bringing extra blankets.

To get NiX take the No. 6 Upper Village bus from the Gondola Transit Loop to the Lost Lake bus stop. From there, the NiX shuttle bus drivers will pick you up and drive you to the theatre.

From NiX, it was on to Monk’s Grill in Whistler’s Upper Village – or the base of Blackcomb Mountain. They have a satellite ice bar set up just outside the restaurant. Just look for the big glowing cube and be prepared to enter into a different world – for a brief time.

The ice bar is tiny, but very impressive with intricate carvings of Olympic proportion; including a Canadian bobsleigh, ice tables and an ice goddess. Upon entry, you’ll receive a arctic-style parka and a drink voucher for one cocktail served in an ice glass and poured from the ice bar.

It’s a very “cool” experience.


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