Monkeying around in Whistler at Wild PLay

Photo: Greg Vallentin
Photo: Greg Vallentin

Whistler’s newest adventure company, Wild Play encourages “monkeying around.” Their Monkido network of adult jungle gym features is both a great work out and loads of fun.

The folks at Wild Play were kind enough to take our marketing department on a fam. Since we hadn’t done a cool team building activity for a while, we were all psyched to get out of the office. But, we didn’t quite know what we were in for. It’s not just a wimpy little walk through the woods and balancing on a couple logs.

The course – which ranges from easy to more adrenaline-fueled – includes wooden bridges, Tarzan swings, zip lines, crazy swinging logs and tight ropes; among other features.

Photo: Greg Vallentin

After a quick intro to carabiners and the colour codes that indicate where to place your safety lines, we were off on the course. We started at the green level and navigated the man-made features through the forest until we got to the – gulp – black diamond level. That’s when things definitely got a little more challenging. They don’t call it an aerial adventure for nothing.

The bridges were way higher and navigating the swinging logs and crazy yellow metal balls required more upper body strength and a bit of problem solving. And then there was the huge Tarzan swing that swung me straight into a giant Military-style rope net like a fly caught in a spider’s web. It felt like boot camp – but without the verbal abuse and camouflage.

The whole course took about 2 hours and by the end, our arms were jelly. I haven’t laughed so hard in a long time and monkeying around on a jungle gym in the forest brought me back to to my childhood. So, get out to Cougar Mountain and do your best Tarzan of the Woods call.


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