An autumn visit to Brandywine Falls

On this lazy Thanksgiving long weekend, Neil and I decided to visit somewhere we’ve never been before: Brandywine Falls, a Provincial Park just 20 minutes south of Whistler.

Brandywine falls, originally uploaded by amber turnau.


Who knew this spectacular waterfall was a short drive from my home? Even with these frigid temperatures, the waterfall was flowing steadily into a pool of crystal blue water. The rock face is an incredible canvas for the brilliant autumn colours: splashes of reds, yellows, oranges and a palette of greens.

The Brandywine Falls viewpoint is only about 300m from the parking area, so don’t expect to get your cardio on. But, if you want a more vigorous hike, there are also a few longer trails designed for hike-in camping and cross country skiing.

Neil and I decided to get a little adventurous and wandered off the small trail and into the bushes to take some “artistic” photos of ourselves jumping off rocks. It all went horribly wrong when he landed and rolled his ankle. Note to self: always make sure you’re landing on solid ground when embarking on a jumping photo shoot.



At least we’re still a month out from snowboarding season so the poor guy can heal.

Nevertheless, it was a pretty incredible sight pre-ankle debacle. I’m not sure if Neil would say it was worth a twisted ankle, but I can definitely say we will hopefully visit again soon – perhaps by bike next time.

Brandywine can also be accessed via the brand new Sea to Sky Trail, which, once complete, will link Squamish to D’Arcy. The Sea to Sky Trail, is a wide gravel track designed for distance, rather than adrenaline.The Whistler to Brandywine leg begins at Function Junction near the Olympic Athlete’s Village and runs for about 20km.

But, then again, that’s an another adventure altogether.


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