Picking berries…Waiting for the snow to fly

As we wait for the snow to fly in Whistler, everyone is trying to find ways to stay entertained. Such activities include trampolining off a cliff into a lake a la Dan Carr‘s latest video.

Some people are spending the fleeting days of autumn looking for eternal summer by slaying the Whistler Mountain Bike Park.

And then, there are the movie premieres. TGR, MSP, Absinthe, Voleurz, Sandbox, the list goes on and on! And the closer we get to opening day, the more stoked the people of Whistler are getting! But, there are about six weeks until the mountains open on November 26. What’s a town to do?

There is only so much conditioning one can do. When not doing squats, circuit training and yoga to bulk up for the snow season, there’s always time to sit back, relax and enjoy the fruits – and veggies – of our labour. That’s what autumn in Whistler is all about. Locals come out to play in shoulder season when Whistler restaurants break out their dinner specials.

I’m enjoying the fall’s culinary delights, from next week’s Hell’s Kitchen finale party at Araxi to November’s Cornucopia.

There’s nothing to make you more thankful this October than heading out to a real live farm and gaining a better appreciation for where your food comes from. I’ll admit, while I live in the mountains now, I did grow up in the city so when we headed to Pemberton’s North Arm Farm last weekend, I was blown away.




This farm, set in the lush valley with amazing views of Mount Currie, provides fresh produce to many of Whistler’s restaurants. We took advantage of the “U-Pick” and spent some time roaming through rows of crops and captured their transition from summer to fall. One bucket of raspberries and two photos of giant pumpkins later, we emerged from the farm. And now, what to do with all those berries?





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