The King of Shit and Snow

In your face and totally cutting edge, one of my favourite new snow mags is King Snow. A new sister publication of skate-focused King Shit, which hit Canada earlier this year, this brand new snow mag brings you a multi-media buffet of what’s hot in the industry of shred. From Camp of Champions video updates to a series on the history of influential board company Westbeach, King Snow is tuned in and I’m turned on.

One of the unique aspects of the mag is that it goes above and beyond the snow candy we all know and love. King Snow stories bring a new perspective to the industry with creative flare and quality writing. Among the mash-up of freshly penned athlete profiles, drool-inducing movie teasers, witty interviews and array of action photography (chosen by photo editor and innovative pro shooter, Crispin Cannon) , you’ll even find quality columns, artist profiles and more. By the way, I highly recommend reading Eric Greene’s column about How to Stay Alive in the Woods.

While King Snow is currently available online only, the plan is to publish hard copies this fall. Like the print version of King Shit, which is totally pimp, King Snow will also be free. Watch for both mags at skate and snowboard shops, and other locations where coolness reigns – pardon the pun.

You’ll find a great interview with Managing Editor, Natalie Langmann on


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