Wake On



Whether it’s wake to wake or wipe out, wakeboarding offers up some seriously awesome summer adventures. The emerald lakes of Whistler are perfect for cooling off on a hot day. While you can swim, fish and canoe on Nita, Alpha, Lost and Alta Lakes, Green Lake is the only one on which boats are permitted. Since this is the town where every other board sport is well represented, it’s no surprise that you can also wakeboard in Whistler. Ironically, glacier-fed Green Lake is also the coldest of the bunch, so you’ll want to wear a dry suit.

If you’re lucky enough to own a top of the line wake boat (it’ll only set you back about $100,000) then by all means, hit the lake. For the rest of us, it’s time to charter a boat. There are two wake schools to choose from in Whistler. We went with Whistler Wake. The other company is Wake the Lake. Both companies have brand new super tech wake boats and offer up a driver, dry suits and boards galore. You can expect to pay between $100-$200 an hour for the boat based on time of year, number of people and size of the boat.


If you’ve never been wakeboarding, the only advice I can give you is grab the rope handle from around the outside of your legs as opposed to between them. Other than that, just stay in the seated position as the boat takes off and then gradually let the force pull you up as you turn the board. Once you’re up, it’s pretty easy, so just ride the wake and rip it up.


Once you’ve mastered getting up on a wakeboard, I’d highly recommend wakesurfing; no bindings necessary. You use a shorter rope and the goal is to get into the side wake of the boat, pull yourself up until the rope is slack – and then let it go. Ideally, you’ll be riding the never-ending wave and looking like a rock star.

For a town in the mountains, it’s the closest you’ll get to real surf for a few hundred miles so you might as well hop into a pimped out wake boat, pump up your favourite tunes and rock the wake – or at least attempt to.


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