My Staycation Can Be Your Vacation

Well, it’s official. I have two-and-a-half weeks off from work and I’m not going anywhere. But, living in Whistler, British Columbia definitely has it’s advanages. This adventure playground isn’t exactly a boring place to live, and with a little bit of creativity, I’m going to make the most out of this stay-at-home trip and try to keep the costs low too.

As a BC local, I tend to take my beautiful backyard for granted. With all this time off, what’s a girl to do? So, over the next 17 days, I’ll be biking, hiking, surfing, scuba diving, canoeing and yoging. If you’re from the area, maybe you will get inspired to head outside and play. If you’re from out of town, maybe you’ll get some great vacation tips.



Today was Day 1. After a casual latte, it was off to the Lost Lake Cross Country trails on my brand new Kona Dawg. Now, I’m just starting off on the XC scene, but I have to say this fantastic dual suspension bike has helped me take it up another level. This Jack of all Trades bike, triples its duties as a commuter, downhiller and cross country sensation.

The network of Lost Lake trails forks out from the lake itself. Most trails are five to 10 minutes in length and connect smoothly. A short walk or bike ride from Whistler Village, this area doubles as snowshoeing and cross-country skiing haven come winter. But when the snow melts and the sun shines, things really ramp up. The Whistler Off Road Cycling Association maintains these trails, which range in ability level from beginner to advanced. For a quick and easy cross country experience, this is a great place to start your adventure.

With the help of my Whistler Mountain Biking Guide, which you can pick up at Armchair Books, The Grocery Store and a number of other local shops, I am excited to be exploring Lost Lake. Today, I hit up Tin Pants (green), Peaches en Regalia (blue), Disco Boy (blue), and Dinah Moe Humm (blue). Hey, it was my first day! The combination of trails ranges from double lane, gravel filled cruisers to tight single track with a few wooden ladders -which I successfully negotiated for the first time ever! I think I’ll be spending some more time in Lost Lake throughout my staycation so will go into further detail then.

One of the best things about Whistler summers is the variety of lakes. I couldn’t help but take a nice refreshing dip in Alta Lake to end my day of activity. My secret hidden dock was undisturbed as usual.



Now, it’s time to head out for a canoe paddle. I’ve discovered that Whistler locals can rent canoes for free from Hostelling International (with proof of address).


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