Times they are a’changing

Can anyone else feel it? Times are changing. We are part of one of the most fascinating and rapidly changing generations in the history of mankind.

We can rally our peers in minutes – seconds now that Twitter is in play – whether it’s for a birthday party, a peace rally, a fundraiser, or just to inform and educate. World news travels the globe in the blink of an eye: from the latest UK singing sensation Susan Boyle to genocide in Sri Lanka. From “Jon and Kate’s” dirty laundry to earthquakes in Honduras.

Barack Obama. A black president of the United States is change enough. But he is so much more: someone who has inspired people across the globe and implemented precedent-setting policies for sustainability and human rights. America is changing, and because of this – maybe the rest of the world will follow. I think it’s about time.

Little things. People are bringing reusable shopping bags to the store now instead of taking plastic bags every time. Coffee mugs and reusable water bottles are “cool”. Environmentally friendly cleaning products are no longer out-of-this-world expensive. Corporations are caring about the environment and sustainable living, if for no other reason than to attract green-minded customers. Millions of people are celebrating Earth Hour, Earth Day, Bike to Work Week. The 100-Mile Diet is hip. The Mayor of Vancouver, BC is thinking about allowing people to keep chicken coops in their backyards (a strange but novel idea). The city of Toronto, Ontario has passed a new law requiring 50% of all new roofs to be covered with green landscaping – a trend growing throughout North America. Wind-farming and hydro-electricity projects are in full swing; and they’re profitable. Hybrid vehicles and reduced emissions are not only a new reality, they are a new mandate.

In my lifetime (and I hope it’s a long one), I see a world of change. We will have no choice but to be sustainable in our own communities. We will no longer keep taking from the Earth without giving back. It’s started already and the momentum continues to grow.

I can’t quite put my finger on why, but I feel hope for the future, even in times of turmoil, war and famine. Times they are a’changing.

It starts with each of us as an individual. We can make conscious decisions in our everyday lives that will affect the entire world in a positive way, whether it’s smiling to a stranger or biking to work. Let’s start today!


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