Haute Trash

For those of you who’ve seen the movie “Zoolander”, you will appreciate that the term “Haute Trash” reminds me of Mugatu’s Derelict Campaign.

But seriously though, what if “Haute Trash” becomes THE Haute Couture of this millennium? While recycled and eco-friendly clothing hasn’t become all that mainstream yet; it’s bound to break through sooner or later.

While Haute Trash isn’t exactly a new concept, perhaps it’s all the more relevant now, with global environmental movements, such as World Water Day and Earth Hour, picking up mainstream momentum.

I was watching the news last night and they profiled a group of high school art students who designed their prom dresses out of various re-used materials. Their designs were stunning! Who says old Cheerios boxes can’t become a prom dress and a tetra pack can’t live a second life as an iPod case?

Art meets fashion in this garbage couture world and while we may not see young teens wearing the latest junk mail to their school dance, there certainly is a relevant place in our modern times for this movement.

The ReStore and Recycled Art and Fashion Show is entering its seventh year this April. Hosted in Bellingham and Seattle, WA on two different dates this April, the event features a variety of designers with a combined 25 years of design experience. While this community event isn’t likely to hit the runways of Milan anytime soon, it’s definitely an inspiring start.


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