To Eat or not to Eat…Meat

The age-old question that has been debated over and over until we’re all blue in the face – er green in the face. To eat or not to eat meat?

Some say humans were never supposed to eat meat or drink animal milk, while others say that it’s only natural.

I must admit that up until last week, I was happy to be in the “meat” camp; perfectly satisfied to bite into a juicy steak or munch on a barbequed burger. But something changed …

My boyfriend and I were recently talking to a friend, about why he became a vegetarian some 18 months ago. He told us we had to watch the movie “Earthlings” and it would explain everything. Being the doc lovers that we are we gave it a chance.

If you’re thinking about checking it out, I’ll warn you that this film is graphic, showing scenes of slaughter and animal cruelty no decent human could ever dream up. The point of the film is to show how cruel humans are to animals; whether we’re wearing them as a leather coat, eating them as dinner, or keeping them as pets. Japanese fishermen mass murdering dolphins, garbage men throwing poor defenseless puppies into trash compactors, slaughterhouses skinning pigs alive – it was awful! By the end of the movie, we’d both cried at least once and were totally turned off eating meat.

Later, like a good Facebooker, I posted something to the effect of “Amber is not going to eat meat for a long time” and at once, all my vegetarian friends rushed to congratulate me. I was part of some special little club all of a sudden.

These friends said that I wouldn’t miss meat and that my life would be so much better without it. And truly, I didn’t really miss it – at least I didn’t think so.

So, we went about our new vegetarian life; ordering veggie burgers (because that’s all most restaurants offer besides salads). This went on for 1 week. And then…my boyfriend started to complain about missing meat. And then I started to feel like something was missing.

We went out riding on the weekend and decided to après – and that’s when I broke down. I looked him straight in the eye and I told him that I was ordering chicken wings and there wasn’t a damn thing he could do about it!

And he smiled, relieved: “Yes!”

When that bowl of juicy wings arrived, I didn’t feel guilty at all sinking my teeth into those abnormally little wings. In fact, that bowl of hot ‘n honey wings tasted oh so delicious that I didn’t once think about poor little chickens cooped up in a cage with their beaks clipped and their wills to live destroyed by some mega-meat processing plant. That is cruel, I know, but I couldn’t help it.

And so… my week of vegetarianism came to an end as quickly as it began. I guess I’m just not that strong and I respect those who have made the lifelong commitment. But, today, I bought free range chicken from the store. So maybe that’s my happy medium.


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