What’s Heating Up Winter 08/09


There was a time when a one-piece on the slopes would have generated snickers from the chairlift or would have been one hilarious costume to wear to an ‘80s themed après-ski party. But this season, the one-piece continues its ascent to coolness – and, thankfully, it’s not quite so tight and tapered this time around.

For the 2008.2009 winter season, snow sport companies, both big and small, have continued to trend towards wacky patterns, all-over prints, and bright colours. After all, staying warm and dry doesn’t have to come at the expense of style. We all want to stand out against the white backdrop of winter.

“By putting style first without sacrificing technical function, Burton Women’s outerwear offers a collection that girls and women like so much, they’ll wear it off the hill as much as they do on the hill,” says Katie Bedwell, senior product manager for Burton Women’s Outerwear. “What we really love most are the rich fabrics, wild prints, pop colors, and fresh silhouettes that throw new spins on technical outerwear, delivering style that goes beyond the chairlift.”

She predicts that the most popular women’s outerwear for the season will be Burton’s Veil one-piece, and the Dream and Lush jackets, among other items.

“We’re also evolving our print offering, bringing all-over prints to the level that lives at the level after next level,” adds Colin Alger product manager, Burton Men’s Outerwear. His predictions for popular Burton men’s gear are the one-piece and GORE-TEX denim products.

You may want to go one step further and check out the Burton AK jackets this season, which feature neon blues, yellows and pinks.

Amidst all of the flash this season, eco-friendly outwear is making its way onto the ski and snowboard scene. The race for sustainable winter wear started in December 2007 when Burton launched its eco-friendly line, The Green Mountain Project (GMP). Pro rider Nicolas Müller was one of the first Burton riders to sport the line of outerwear and layers, which features recycled fabrics and eco-friendly weatherproofing technology.


This winter, Quiksilver has launched its own Eco Friendly Outerwear Collection – a signature series designed by pro rider Travis Rice; arguably one of the best snowboarders in the world and a green advocate. This line features fabrics derived from recycled water and soda bottles, hemp threads, non-toxic dyes and coated with a special “green” weatherproofing solution from Switzerland. Earlier this year, the company also launched a recyclable watch called The Ray.

Roxy, Quiksilver’s female counterpart, is also going green this winter with its Greenprint collection. Expect Roxy’s signature bubblegum colours in polka dot, plaid, zigzag, bubbles and even cheetah print. They also have a couple killer women’s one-pieces.

As if neon colours and hemp jackets weren’t enough, DC has burst onto the winter scene this year with its “Glow in the Park” collection. The gear is made of weatherproof material that reflects during the day and glows in the dark for up the three hours at night – now that’s one trippy après scene. Guys can check out the Servo jacket and Banshee pants, while chicks can glow too with the Data jacket and Ace pants.


Now I’ve listed a whole bunch of mega-snow companies, but it’s time to highlight an emerging mountain-inspired clothing line with a unique twist. Voleurz, which started off as a film production company, is one of Canada’s hottest new adrenaline-fueled clothing lines. While they don’t do outerwear, they certainly embody the ski and snowboard culture and know how to design a very enticing hoody.


The website says it all: “In a rundown basement among paint fumes and stencils, a t-shirt was made; an idea formed. In 2003, Voleurz was born, and now in ’08, we’re launching our first collection. Voleurz is none too serious. It’s bright and it’s fun, for we are alchemists working with high fives and a boundless creativity.”

Bruce Giovando and Harvey Li are the creative minds behind the Voleurz clothing line, which recently debuted in select shops in Canada. This is strange case of egg before the chicken. Initially the clothing line was developed as promotional merchandise to support the Voleurz snow, skate and mountain bike films produced in Victoria, BC. Now designed in Squamish, the clothing has almost become its own entity within the company and has its own cult following amongst trend-setters in the ski and snowboard industry. They use the clothing to promote the films and vice versa: genius.

This winter’s Voleurz film, “Outdoor Education”, is a refreshing take on the traditional ski/snowboard film. Offering up a colourful and candid montage of lifestyle highlights in between epic skiing and riding shoots, Voleurz features everything from a guy riding starkers to a rail session in front of the Vernon Courthouse. From their clothing catalogue to the film, this crew knows how to work humour into just about every aspect of their image. Check out their clothes in BC, Alberta, Saskatchewan, Manitoba and Ontario. Check out their film teasers at voleurz.com

So, snow worshippers, the time has come. Get out there, get your gear and wax your boards/skis. The winter is upon us and we have many a one-piece to rock.


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